About Us

About Us

A person centered approach for community inclusion, independence, and personal growth beyond expectations.

Transitional Options provides services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in residential homes within their local communities.

We are a licensed and qualified provider under Pennsylvania DPW’s Office of Developmental Programs. Our homes serve residents across the state of Pennsylvania from Allegheny to Philadlephia counties.

Our Services


Transitional Options Inc. is a social service agency serving adults with Intellectual Development Disabilities and Autism. Transitional Options will provide innovative community living arrangements, goal orientated employment services and meaningful day programming focusing on health, wellness and community involvement.

Vision Statement

Transitional Options Inc is focused on providing innovative services to explore the next step in the lives for disabled adults. We will continue pushing to allow your loved ones to become more independent in their living arrangements, employment choices, and community involvement. Transitional Options leaders have been in the field and believe that the population we serve deserves more. We will strive daily toward independence for the least restrictive and community based services. We believe in the growth of all individuals and will not settle for less.

Transitional Options Inc will provide unlicensed supports through Community Participation Support, In-Home and Community Supports, Residential Habilitation, and Supported Living. While providing the support services to the individuals we will be goal oriented and employment focused. Our goal is to use a combination of these services to allow for the individuals to have flexibility, a voice and direction in their everyday lives. Our focus will be those of the Every Day Lives core philosophy.


Transitional Options' quality will be measured by the everyday lives, values and actions. Understanding that all parties want the best for those receiving services, we value the input of the team, meet the expectations of the OPD standards for services, and allow for all individuals to lead a meaningful life. Ongoing monitoring will occur by the Supports Coordination Units to ensure that the agency standards and OPD services are being met on a monthly basis. Transitional Options will also follow the internal process of monitoring and address all issues in a timely fashion to continue the quality and oversight of the services being provided.