A person centered approach for community inclusion, independence, and personal growth beyond expectations.

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A Transitional Options Core Value

Communities are enriched when all citizens, including people with disabilities, participate as fully as possible.


Our quality will be measured by the impact we have on the Everyday Lives of those we serve and their families. Our actions and core philosophy will be to advocate, motivate, and educate those around us to achieve inclusion and acceptance in all settings.
Welcome to Transitional Options


Transitional Options is a social service agency serving adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and Autism. We are focused on providing innovative community living arrangements, goal-oriented employment services, and meaningful day programming focused on health, wellness, and community involvement.

Settle In

We offer a person-centered approach for community inclusion, independence, and personal growth beyond expectations. While providing the support services to the individuals we will be goal-oriented and employment-focused.

Loaded with Benefits

We provide innovative community-living arrangements, goal orientated employment services and meaningful day programming focusing on health, wellness and community involvement.

How We See It

We will continue pushing to allow your loved ones to become more independent in their living arrangements, employment choices, and community involvement.


Transitional Options, Inc. is guided by a set of principles and values which dictate our decisions and actions, and that provide our company with strategic direction. Crucial to our philosophy and value system are a set of core concepts that permeate our company, drive our mission, and define our organization’s character:


Provide individually-designed services and supports that will maximize independent decision-making capabilities, integration into community life and daily living, along with educational and work-related skills.


Demonstrate our commitment to these rights by always treating those who choose our services, their families, and those who love and support our participants with dignity and respect. In all that we do, the rights and entitlements of people with intellectual disabilities are paramount.


Engage in community outreach and public education to further the awareness of our agency’s services, our guiding principles and purposes, and the contributions that people with disabilities make in society.


Attract, train and retain employees who are committed to providing services that are of the highest quality and that exemplify the mission and vision of our agency in all actions and interactions.

Operational Excellence

Operate the agency in a manner that demonstrates adherence to high ethical standards, that is driven by responsible fiscal stewardship and that assures the ability of the agency to carry out its mission.

Philosophy & Goals

We believe that citizens with disabilities deserve not just to reside, but also to belong in the communities where they work and live. Our society and our industry worked hard and accomplished much to advance the interests of people with disabilities.