Our Services


Transitional Options, Inc. is guided by a set of principles and values which dictate our decisions and actions, and that provide our company with strategic direction. Crucial to our philosophy and value system are a set of core concepts that permeate our company, drive our mission, and define our organization’s character:


Transitional Options is a social service agency serving adults with Intellectual Development Disabilities and Autism. We are focused on providing innovative community living arrangements, goal-oriented employment services, and meaningful day programming focused on health, wellness, and community involvement.

In-Home Community & Support

Through In-Home and Community Support, those who choose our services will acquire, maintain or improve skills through their participation in a variety of everyday life activities. These activities are necessary for our participants to live in the community more independently, and to promote more meaningful belonging in community life.

Residential Service Offerings

Although circumstances may be such that a person would need to reside in a provider-agency owned home under applicable regulations, there is a certain degree of loss of freedom, choice and control that comes in exchange for the level of health and safety that such a setting provides. When at all possible, it is ideal for those who require support to receive what they need in a home setting they control.

Companion Services

Transitional Options, Inc. will offer companion services to individuals living in private residences for the limited purposes of providing supervision and minimal assistance that is focused solely on the health and safety of the adult participant. Companion services are used in lieu of habilitation services to protect the health and welfare of the individual when a habilitative outcome is not appropriate or feasible

Employment Services

Supported Employment Services are provided in a variety of community settings for the purposes of supporting individuals in obtaining and sustaining competitive integrated employment. Competitive integrated employment refers to full or part-time work at minimum wage or higher, with wages and benefits similar to workers without disabilities performing the same work, and fully integrated with coworkers without disabilities.

Community Participation Supports

Citizens with disabilities often have smaller social circles and limited networks. It is through friendships, connections and community engagement that we expand our opportunities. For all of us, finding and maintaining a job depends on our ability to establish connections, explore interests, and perform in social situations.


Transitional Options, Inc. will establish and maintain a system by which prospective service recipients will enter the organization’s service system. We strive to do our part to meet the demand for services in the industry at large. Our referral policy will help us ensure that there are systems in place to match those in need of service to the most appropriate services available.


A person centered approach for community inclusion, independence, and personal growth beyond expectations.